“My work is pure emotion; it feels like having my chest wide open. It has become such a great need, as well as breathing is. It springs from an inner strength that manifests itself, the inner driver involving us, the extended conscience, life in itself. It is a need that breaks through any check dams and spreads itself, tumbling down any hindrance imposed by reason, and springs out from my pores, I breathe it in and surrounds me. It’s inside and outside my being. I can feel it not only in my heart, as it generates itself though all my organs, it’s in my guts, in my throat, and I feel it tickling in my hands, whispering about cycles and permanence, about existence beyond anything else 

My profession and teaching have come to save me from this material and merciless world, being my connection with the Earth and my rising to Heaven. They’re the endless introspective search. Without any beginning and or ending. Love, true love.”


Laura Rivolta, Plastic Artist, teacher